Clínica Odontomania: The Best Dentists in São Paulo in one place!

Clínica Odontomania: The Best Dentists in São Paulo in one place!

Clínica Odontomania, located in the city of São Paulo capital, has a standard of quality and structure differentiated, with parking, valet, security and accessibility for the physically disabled. Our building also has a dental SPA, four clinical rooms, a photo studio, KIDS space, coffee room, a rest room, operating room.


Our team counts on receptionists that make the service more comfortable and practical, cleaning aid, 12 specialists that make up a multidisciplinary dental team. All doctors are fully specialized in multiple areas of dentistry: Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Prosthesis, Orofacial Aesthetics, Implant Dentistry, among others.



The main differential of Clínica Odontomania, responsible for making it the best dentistry center in the city of São Paulo, is the concern with the small details: The planning and discussion of cases, a well-kept and accessible structure, and the immense quality of services. The art of Clínica Odontomania is to transform smiles!



We work with state-of-the-art technology, such as needleless anesthesia, digital x-ray, intraoral camera, laser beam, dental photographs, flat screen monitors in all offices, brush and laboratory prosthetics.


These differentials make the Odontomania clinic the best dental clinic in São Paulo and Brazil. For more information visit our website:


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